Why You Shouldn’t Let Your Life Revolve Around Your Partner

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Why You Shouldn’t Let Your Life Revolve Around Your Partner

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No matter how crazy you are about the one you love, revolving your entire life around your partner can lead to disaster. Sure, it’s normal to be head over heels about your significant other. Here are five reasons you shouldn’t go overboard:

You lose you!

When you center your life around the life of someone else, you become less attentive to your own life. Little by little, you begin to fade away. Your significant other becomes, in your eyes, more important than your own. As you let your own interests and ambitions fall by the wayside, you decrease as they increase. But guess what? That is only your perception. You really don’t decrease. Your needs remain as important as ever. Never allow your partner’s happiness and well-being to overtake your own. If a relationship isn’t win-win, it’s not worth having in the first place.

What if?

Revolving your life around your partner is all fine and good, to some extent, until the relationship doesn’t work out. What happens then? If you have given all of yourself and then some, and things fall apart, you have nothing left – or, you can feel as if you don’t. Remember that a healthy relationship is give and take. If you do all the giving, you’ll have nothing to take. A zero can feel very empty if that’s all you are left with.

Not fair

Not only is wrapping your world around your partner not fair for you, it’s not fair for your partner either. When you give all you have, you have nothing left to give the one you love. It’s important to tend to your own needs too so you can be there for your partner. Otherwise, you have nothing to offer.

Speaks volumes

If your partner lets you revolve your world around him or her, it says a lot about your partner. That is a sign that your significant other either doesn’t care how unhealthy it is for you to do so, or may even be encouraging those actions. Both people in a relationship should be committed to giving one another attention and affection, but dedicated to focusing a share amount on themselves as well.

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Full circles

The ideal relationship is like two full and complete circles that interlock together to form one. If you are not a whole circle, you will be incomplete, always trying to make yourself whole through your partner. The more you wrap your life around your partner, the more dependent you become. Their wish is your command. What they think or what they want you to think is, of course, what you think. Or, what you pretend you think. You are, however, an individual. Your root thoughts and feelings are your own. If you are only trying to please your partner because you have wrapped your world around them to that extent, your part of the circle will basically be non-existent. If you are not a whole person, the link will always be lacking. You cheat yourself, your partner, and the entire unified circle.

Wrapping your world around your partner may seem to be an act of love. But, no one can completely and fully love another person when they are not whole. You cannot be whole when you are so focused on your partner, you lose yourself in the process. Don’t get lost in love. If your world revolves entirely around your partner, you’ll have a universe of problems.



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