What does breakup teach you?

Five Things a Break-up Will Teach You…If You Let It

Break-ups stink! No one likes to go through them. Knowing there’s a positive side to experiencing a break-up can help you get through it and once you do, you can be better for it. Here are some things you can learn during the difficult time:


While a break-up has the ability to make you insecure, it is also an opportunity to become self-secure. Relationships may come and go, but there’s always one thing you have – yourself. When you embrace you own personal worth and find happiness from within, you’ll learn to be reliant on yourself for validation rather than dependent on another person.

Love is NOT All You Need

Even though the iconic band, the Beatles, sang that “Love is All You Need”, that simply is not true. It takes much more than love to make a relationship last. The two of you must communicate, respect one another, and be willing to weather life’s storms together. Did you find yourself giving in more than you should have? Did you significant other put forth an equal amount of effort to make things work? A relationship cannot last without mutual effort. When you realize that your relationship may not have been a lack of love, but rather, just that it wasn’t meant to be, you’ll learn that love wasn’t necessarily what wasn’t necessarily what was missing in your relationship.

It’s Alright to Be Single

It’s easy to fall into the concept that it’s not OK to be alone. A break-up allows you to see the other side of the spectrum. It IS alright to be single. In fact, being single has many advantages. You are free to come and go as you please and are more able to think for yourself. While it’s nice having someone, it can also be nice not having someone. Take the time to do some things you enjoy but aren’t able to do when you are in a relationship. Being single can rock if you roll with it.

End Evaluation

The ending of a relationship is a great time to reflect on what things you want in a relationship. Sometimes, we “fall in love” with a person, but there are some key things missing in the relationship. What is it that you value in a relationship? What do you want your next significant other to bring to the table? You have the right to want what you want and to not settle for less. The more you learn about the things you desire and require, the better the chances are that your next relationship will be better than the one that has come to an end.

Lessons Learned

Even a failed relationship is not wasted time. Take some time to learn from the experience the relationship gave you. What could you have done better? What did you do right? What do you want to be different in the next relationship? As long as you learned from the relationship, you have gained from it.

There is much to be learned from a break-up if you set your mind to do so. The choice is yours – you can wallow in the mess, or learn from it and move forward.

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