Love and Life: It’s Okay to Let Go When Someone is Taking You for Granted

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Love and Life: It’s Okay to Let Go When Someone is Taking You for Granted

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Do you feel you are being taken for granted by your partner? A recent poll showed that almost half of all people in a relationship feel that they are not getting the better end of the deal.  If you are one of the hundreds who feel you are being used and taken for granted, here are five things you should know:

You are worth being treasured

Every person is worthy. You may not be perfect. Nobody is. But, you are worth being loved, respected, and valued. If your partner is not making you feel like you are, there’s a problem. If you choose to stay in the relationship, you are part of the problem. Know your worth and demand that you are treated with the ultimate respect and that you are given love.

Your worth is not up to your partner to determine

Sometimes, we feel like we are only worth what our partner thinks we are worth it. That’s a huge mistake. You need to realize your own worth and not let someone else put a price tag on you. We teach people how to treat us, either good or bad. Make sure you don’t allow yourself to be taken for granted and if you are…it’s best to get out with a quickness.

Your relationship does not HAVE to work

It’s common for people to keep trying to make a relationship work because they feel like they have to. Do you feel like you have to make your relationship work? You don’t. Those who are married and/or who have kids should try within reason. Still, there is nothing that says you have to be with your partner.

If your relationship requires nothing but work, it isn’t worth the effort

When a relationship is taking too much in order to make it work, that’s a good sign that it isn’t built on a firm foundation. Some things are just not meant to be. If you feel that is the case with the relationship you are in, don’t hesitate to get out while the getting’s good.

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Being taken advantage of is a form of abuse

A person who takes advantage of you is placing a very low value on you. That’s not alright and you cannot let it fly or you are guilty too. Often verbal, mental, and/or physical abuse goes along with the scenario. None of those things are alright. You must stand up for yourself, even if no one else does. You owe it to yourself and to your own peace of mind. It’s never alright to be abused.

If you feel you are being taken for granted, take to heart the five points above. Staying in a relationship that is not going anywhere is not worth the pain and disappointment and besides, you don’t want to be all wrapped up in a bad relationship and miss the perfect one that may be on the horizon just waiting for you.



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