Let’s Be Friends: 5 Reasons Being Friends is Better than Being in a Relationship

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Let’s Be Friends: 5 Reasons Being Friends is Better than Being in a Relationship


If you’ve experienced a break-up and have resolved to “just be friends”, your relationship may turn out to be better than ever. While you may be sad about the new status, some surprising scientific facts and relationship research indicate you may be better off as friends. Here are 5 reasons being friends is better than being in a relationship:

Friends share more transparently

It’s easy to THINK you are open with your partner but are you really? Relationship research suggests that friends share their true thoughts and feelings more openly than lovers do. Why is that? When you’re in a love relationship, you tend to be more concerned about getting a negative reaction from your partner, so you tend to hold back on expressing things. Studies indicate that the longer you are with a partner, the less you share freely with them. People who go from being lovers to being friends often find they share their hearts much more freely as friends.

Friends don’t feel as obligated to their relationship

When Valentine’s Day rolls around, if you’re in a love relationship, you’d better head out to get flowers, candy, or at least a card. Friends don’t expect a Valentine’s Day gift. Typically, they will even overlook not getting a Christmas present from you too. The expectations placed on partners in a love relationship can be overwhelming. Friendships, however, are much more relaxed. Lovers who decide to be friends tend to have fewer expectations and more appreciation of their relationships.

Friends tend to have more fun together than lovers do

If you’re looking to go out for a night of fun, you’re more likely to call up a friend rather than a lover, studies show. Friends are more able to let loose and have a good time than lovers are. Lovers tend to be uptight about upsetting their partners. They also worry more about how they look or act. For a good time, call a friend. You simply can’t go wrong. If you have transitioned a love relationship into one of friendship, you are likely to find you are able to have more fun together because you won’t be stressed about things that held you back when you were lovers.

Friends don’t play as many mind games

Playing games seems to be something that just happens in a relationship. They usually start with negative emotions. You feel you aren’t getting your fair share of attention from your lover, so you flirt with others in an attempt to solve the problem. Or, you want your lover to see you as being popular, pretty, or successful, so you exaggerate behaviors, fabricate stories, or toot your own horn. You aren’t as likely to worry about what a friend thinks about you or be jealous, or attention-starved so odds are a friendship won’t involve playing games. When you go from being lovers to being friends, you are likely to leave the games behind, behavioral scientists say.

Friends are friends forever

Relationships often end. Generally, there are two options in a love relationship – they last forever, or…they end. Friendships aren’t as likely to end. You can remain friends no matter what’s going on in your life. Many friends don’t even talk for a time, but when they do, it’s like they’ve never missed a beat. Try that with a lover and you’ll certainly be in the doghouse. Love relationships aren’t as flexible. Friendships are set up to succeed far more than love relationships are. If you are contemplating changing the dynamics of a relationship’s status from lovers to friends, research indicates that might be a wise choice if you want them in your life for a long, long time.

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Friendships are a treasure. They tend to come naturally, with little upkeep and effort. They tolerate things love relationships don’t and have some benefits love relationships don’t have. If you and your partner have decided to “just be friends”, you are likely to find your relationship is destined to be better than ever.


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