Is Being Alone Slowly Killing You?

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Is Being Alone Slowly Killing You?

Humans are made to need other humans. It’s a primal instinct that is built into each and every one of us. That instinct has helped preserve mankind throughout the ages.
Being alone doesn’t necessarily mean being in a love relationship. Being with others is also interacting with family and friends, going to social gatherings, and mingling. Relationships can be found in the workplace, at school, and in the gym or on sports teams. The source of having relationships is not near as important as the fact that you must have at least one or you are alone in this world.
Being alone is not healthy. If you are alone, it may be slowly killing you. Here are five important things to consider if you are not relating to others.

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There’s science behind it

Being alone is as bad for your health as smoking, excessive drinking, and other bad habits are. Yes, you can die from loneliness. When no one is in your life to help you diminish your stress, your heart can suffer through high blood pressure and heart disease.

Social isolation is bad for your mental health

When you are alone with the voices inside your head, you’ll doubtfully find they are talking friendly to you. We are our own worst self-critics. We need other people in our lives to help lift us up and encourage us. If we are left to our own mental devices, the outcome is usually not good. Isolation breeds depression and depression gives way to physical and mental conditions that can kill you.

Hopelessness is fatal

We’ve all seen it. A husband loses his wife or vice versa, and they just give up on living and end up deceased shortly afterward. When hope is gone, so is life.

Alienation does not preserve the human race

One reason humans were made to need one another is to multiply. It takes two to do so. It has been proven that younger people take being alone even harder than older people do. Why? It’s in our genes to multiply. When the blueprinted masterplan of your life is interrupted, you cannot be whole and happy. Being alone is tough on older folks too. But, many are lonely because they have had relationships that have now faded or have come to an end through death. Loneliness is designed to be painful in order to encourage people to seek companionship.

Being alone puts an undue burden on you

When you are in the company of others, you can bounce ideas off of them. You can get advice and even give advice. This resource keeps people from being solely responsible for all phases of their lives. There is wisdom in the counsel of others. It is within relationships that we can glean from the experience and knowledge of others. When we are all we have, we come up lacking and that…can kill us.
People need people. If you have found that you are alone, take a look at why you are alone. Evaluate the reasons and come up with ways to change those things. If you are depressed and don’t want to be around anyone, take a step of faith, and venture out. You can start by being around just one person and then branch out.

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On the other hand, if you find yourself alone because others don’t want to be around you, take a self-inventory and figure out how you can become more pleasant to be with. You can also find one person, even a therapist, who can help guide you to become more socially acceptable.
Whatever it is that you need to do in order to not be alone…do it. Chose to be around others like your life depends on it because…it does.

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