Inside Edition: An Introvert’s Perspective of Dating

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Inside Edition: An Introvert’s Perspective of Dating

Introverts are a species all their own. They have both quirks and valiant traits. If you are dating an introvert, here are some points to ponder, straight from the horse’s mouth. Find out what introverts have to say about dating one.

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Introverts can be given to depression.

Because of their nature to analyze, overthink, and over feelI, introverts tend to become depressed more than extroverts. While that is certainly no reason to not date one, it is a warning. Be sure you are able to accept the fact that someone else’s moods or emotions are not your faults unless you are being physically or mentally abusive to them. Realize that your well-being may be at stake if you get in too deep. Know how to keep yourself healthy and happy despite what may be going on with your introverted date. You cannot fix them.

Introverts are sensitive.

Introverts tend to feel things in a big way. On a scale of 1 to 10, they often experience sensitivity on a level of about 12 or 15! This can be a downside. Or, it can be wonderful. When an extrovert is determined, they are VERY determined. When they are adamant about something, they are VERY adamant. Their passion runs at full force so they are very likely to be good writers, artists, poets, musicians, and lovers. They can be very good at relationships too.

Introverts love deep.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone who loves as deeply as an introvert. While extroverts are often wrapped up in themselves or their own activities, introverts are still long enough to love and you’d better believe, they do so with passion. If you are going out with an introvert, remember that they may get hurt easily and wear their heart on their sleeve, but you’ll not likely find anyone who will love you more with their whole heart.

Introverts are devoted. Introverts focus.

They are able to focus on and appreciate other people for who they are and what they stand for. They don’t get busy being busy, as a rule. Instead, they tend to stick to one task and one person. If you are going out with an introvert, they may not be the life of the party. But, when they cut for you…you will know it in no uncertain terms.

Introverts are far from boring.

Initially, you might think going out with an introvert would be boring. You might be worried about what the two of you will find to talk about. Will your introverted date be shy at a party? Will he or she be nervous if you go to a crowded restaurant? While an introvert isn’t usually overly fond of crowds and is selective of the company they keep, once you strike up a conversation, they tend to be very versed in keeping up with their end. They are likely to be avid readers, moviegoers, and all-around smart individuals so all you need to do is fish around for a subject that tinges their interest and you’re likely to have a very interesting date.

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Introverts are unique creatures alright. If you have your eye on one and are wondering if they measure up for taking out, you might turn it all around. Are YOU worthy of being in the presence of an incredible introvert?

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