How Can You Tell if He’s ‘The One’?

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How Can You Tell if He’s ‘The One’?

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Wanting to find Mr. Right all too often leads to finding Mr. Wrong. The burning desire to discover the person who is your match made in heaven can turn out to be a living hell. How are you to know if the man you are involved with is your eternal soulmate? Here are five clues:

He talks about you

When your guy goes out with his friends, do they say he is always talking about you? When you met his parents or siblings, did they mention to you he had already told them all about you? Any person who is entertaining the thought of being ‘the one’ will be so into you, he’ll talk about you when you aren’t around because he’ll be thinking of you.

He gives more than he takes

If your significant other is more interested in pleasing you than pleasing himself, that’s a good sign he might be your Mr. Right. True love is unselfish. A man who is always trying to make sure your needs are taken care of is a good candidate for a relationship without end.

He speaks about the future with you

Does your partner sheepishly mention marriage or having children with you in mind? If so, that’s a big clue that he may just be the one you’ll settle down with. Some men will come right out and say he sees a future with you, but, others give hints or slip up and let it be known. If you are hearing mention of things that involve you in the days or years to come, there’s a good chance he may be ‘the one’.

He says you complete him

Retaining individuality in a relationship is imperative. But, we all long for the person who extends us to fulfillment. If your partner says that you make him complete, that is a sure clue that he may be the one who you complete and who completes you.

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He loves you ‘although’

Does your partner know the less than perfect side of you and love you anyway? Love is able to overlook flaws. Love is about accepting another person despite their shortcomings and loving them anyway. If your partner loves you ‘although’…and not ‘because’, you may be onto something. It is highly likely that you have met the one who you will spend your life with.

Love is a mystery waiting to be solved. It’s a puzzle, waiting for the missing pieces. Looking for love can be exhausting, frustrating, and dangerous. Trying to make someone be ‘the one’ who isn’t the right fit can ruin your life. You can end up in a relationship that is miserable.
Knowing the five clues above can help you determine who might be your Mr. Right, and who you can eliminate from the equation. If one or more of the signs above indicate you may have met ‘the one’, congratulations. There is nothing more joyous than realizing you have found the person who you will spend the rest of your life with. The search is over and the real journey, the journey of love, can finally begin.


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