Across the Miles: Five Ways to Handle a Long Distance Relationship

Across the Miles: Five Ways to Handle a Long Distance Relationship

Absence makes the heart grow fonder…or, does it? While that old adage may or may not be a fact, what is true is that distance between will make or break your relationship. But, that might not be sure a bad thing. Here’s why –

What will be, will be. Ultimately, every relationship will be tried by fire. That means, when a couple goes through tough times, their love will either turn out stronger because of it…or it will fall apart. Ultimately, the stress long distance places on a relationship speeds up the process. If it wasn’t meant to be, why drag it out? Would you rather find out years up the road that your relationship wasn’t strong enough to handle a long distance relationship, or cut to the chase and save time and heartache by finding out right now? Welcome the chance to find out what your relationship is made of!

Still, it’s not easy being apart. Even the best relationship will be subject to things like missing one another, lonely nights, worries about unfaithfulness, and all the other natural stressors. Here are five constructive things you can do to deal with being apart that will make your relationships stronger in the long run:

I. Communicate

It’s been proven that couples who communicate have better relationships. When your significant other is truly your best friend, you are able to share everything. Having distance between you forces you to communicate in creative ways – like through texts, emails, phone calls, and letters. You can’t just rely on physical expressions, so you find other ways to share love which adds a deeper dimension to your relationship.

II. Express Concerns

It’s easy to be afraid to express your concerns about being apart. But, it’s healthy to force yourself to speak of them. If you are feeling insecure, worried your partner might get too lonely and cheat on you, or whatever your fears are, express them. You’ll find that in doing so, your bond will be made stronger if your relationship is meant to be.

III. Special Things

Loving across the miles presents the chance to do special things for one another, like sending flowers, food baskets, wine, or balloons. While such acts of love are often reserved for occasions like birthdays or anniversaries when you are in the same physical location, being apart is reason on its own to engage in special sentiments so don’t miss the opportunity to show your love by doing something special for your significant other.

IV. Reflection

Being apart gives each of you time to think and reflect. While some will find that their love isn’t all they thought it was cracked up to be and they fall for someone else who is near, those whose relationships are rock solid will find they are more in love than ever before and that absence truly is making their hearts grow fonder.

V. Positive Proof

Think of your time apart as a chance to prove your love and faithfulness. The fact that you are being true is the best gift you can ever give the one you love. It’s a privilege to have the honor to prove that you will sacrifice being together in order to show that your love and faithfulness can withstand the test of miles in between

No matter the reason you and your significant other have to be apart – college, career, the military, or whatever other reason, your long distance relationship can be a blessing in disguise, if you let it be. True love isn’t measured by miles. Then again, maybe it is.


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