Dating a Man Whose Heart Has Been Broken

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Dating a Man Whose Heart Has Been Broken

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So you’ve met a man whose heart has been broken, but he’s willing to give love another chance. Before you leap into things, there are some things you should know. Here are five tips that can help you make the most of embarking in a relationship with a broken-hearted man.

Give him time

Broken hearts take some time to mend. If you are dating a man whose heart has been broken, you can expect to run into some issues. That’s not to say those that things cannot be worked out because they can be. But, it won’t be an instant fix. It is sure to be a process, so if you aren’t up for the wait, don’t get into the relationship. Know what you will be up against but keep in mind what the rewards may be.

Give him attention

Some tender loving care makes everything, and everyone, feel better. If your man has suffered a broken heart, he could use some affection and attention. Think of it as medicine for his soul. Don’t worry about spoiling him. There’s no such thing as too much of a good thing. If you spoil him, he needed it. He’s been smashed down and it’s time to build him back up.

Give him praise

Having a broken heart can make you look at the downside of everything. It especially makes you think you are doing it all wrong. Being wronged simply isn’t a promoter of self-esteem. It is up to you to let him know that beating himself up and his negative thoughts are all a part of stinking thinking. Praise him when he does something right. Give him all the praise you can and he will be on the mend in no time.

Give him space

When someone has suffered a broken heart, you want to encourage them to work through it and not around it. In order to work through the issues and process the pain, it will require space to do so. Don’t take it personally when he needs some time to himself. It’s a good thing that will help him mend enough to be in a relationship in the future…maybe, with you.

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Give him assurance

It’s typical to get under things when you’ve been hurt. It can be hard to see the light of day. Things just look hopeless. If you are dating a man whose heart has been broken, you’ll want to assure him that things will get better. You’ll need to let him know that the situation isn’t permanent. Don’t hesitate to be his cheerleader. He’ll need one.

Remember that being the recipient of a broken heart isn’t easy. It’s a position no one wants to be in. If you are dating a man who has been through tough times, following the five suggestions above can help you immensely. Keep the faith and know that broken hearts don’t last forever…and good relationships can.


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