Being alone is better, Sometimes

Being alone is better, Sometimes

Some say being alone makes you lonely, but that is not necessarily the case. Sometimes being surrounded by the wrong people also does make you lonely. But in the case of being in a relationship, it’s kind of a different thing. Sure, having someone to cuddle everyday is definitely nice. But most people that are in a long-term relationship are unknowingly miserable and it can also be a burden as well for some people. Surprisingly, there actually are many benefits of being alone.

First and foremost, solitude can save you a lot of time. It’s definitely an enjoyment to text back and forth with your partner but if you consider it, the amount of times the typical couple consumes on texting is enormous. Some would be anxious without any constant communication. But of course, you can set a journey to find a person who is independent, but finding such an organism would not be an easy task. If you would rather take your remaining free time to do more productive works and activities, then that would be a better investment of your time.

Secondly, you can flirt without any fears. We got to admit that we do flirt sometimes. It’s like our nature. But that could lead to such trouble if you have an insecure partner. If you do like to flirt, then being single is surely worth it for you.

Thirdly, you are much more self-reliant when you are single. Going through a break up can truly be devastating. Love can be beautiful and destructive at the same time. But what’s worse is letting someone be the subject of your thoughts. Being single makes you a more self-reliant person and less vulnerable.

In conclusion, being in a relationship can be a pleasurable and enjoyable experience but it sure has its opportunity cost. But in whichever paths you want to go to, you should always consider what would benefit you more and what truly makes you happy.

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