A Lesson in Loving Unconditionally: Learn to Love Without Ties

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A Lesson in Loving Unconditionally: Learn to Love Without Ties


hold hand with ringIn almost any given situation, t’s human nature to ask, “What’s in it for me?” Even when we are in love, it’s tempting to look at what you’ll get out of the relationship. That may lead you to wonder if it’s possible to love without strings – not trying to own or control the other person. It absolutely is possible to love with no strings attached. Here are five ways to accomplish loving unconditionally:

Give more than you get

Selfish love is all about what you can get. When you focus on what you can give, the relationship will be much richer. You’ll be happier and will not be trying to control or own the other person. You won’t want to, nor will you need to in order to be fulfilled. After all, it’s by far better to give than to receive. Giving has its rewards. It is gratifying. It is a good feeling to know that you are in a relationship for unselfish reasons. Ironically, when you give, you ultimately end up getting more in return…in the long run.

Raise your appreciation

It’s the “glass half full or half empty” scenario. When you are looking for faults, in any situation, or in your partner, you’ll find them by the dozen. When you look for positive points, you’ll find those too. Raising your appreciation of your partner will encourage you to see the good in him or her. When you do that, you’ll be more likely to do things, like dish out compliments, which will encourage your partner to be the best they can be. It’s a full-circle of good when you learn to raise your appreciation.

Lower your expectations

When you are always anticipating your partner to be something, do something, or give you something, you are likely to be disappointed. No one can live up to expectations when we set them high. But, when we lower our expectations, we find that our wants and needs in a relationship are easily met.

Forgive often

Love is centered around forgiveness. Love is tolerant. It is patient. Love understands that no one is perfect. When you love unconditionally, you’ll find yourself forgiving and being forgiven in return.

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Respect yourself and your partner

Loving without trying to own someone is done by giving them respect. It doesn’t mean you give up your self-respect and become a doormat, you must retain respect for yourself as you give respect to your partner too. The two of you are free human beings. You both have the right to be who you are. When you love both yourself and your partner for who the two of you truly are on the inside, your love will blossom into a beautiful thing.
Unconditional love is the ultimate love there is. When you hope to own or try to control your partner, you’ll never be happy and your partner won’t be either. With the suggestions above, you can experience love the way it should be…without bounds.


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