5 Types of Guys You Should Avoid Dating

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5 Types of Guys You Should Avoid Dating

Do you tend to get burned in a relationship? It seems that some girls are a magnet when it comes to attracting the wrong kind of guys. In psychology, it’s referred to as “unfinished business”- when an individual tends to relive unresolved childhood issues throughout life like a woman who was abused by her father that keeps marrying abusive men. Other times, a girl just has all the luck…bad luck. A guy who has all the appearances of being perfect turns out to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
Do you find yourself in a relationship with “Mr. Wrong”, more times than not? If so, it’s time to stop the madness before it even gets started again. Here are 5 types of guys you should avoid dating:

Don’t be fooled by looks

Good looking guys have little trouble attracting girls. Sometimes, it goes to their heads though. When a man doesn’t appreciate his woman, trouble is brewing. And, it’s not just handsome men who can mean trouble, men with “baby faces” tend to woo women too. While there’s nothing wrong with a man being handsome or having a cute baby face, be sure to check out the entire book and don’t just judge by the cover.

Money can’t buy love

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You might not be the type that is looking to use a guy for his money, but let’s face it, when a man is flooding your doorstep with flowers, wining and dining you, and giving you everything you want, it can easily distract you from the real person he is underneath the surface. Beware of a man who flashes cash. Make sure he appreciates your real worth.

Don’t be bound by a rebound

Another type of guy to avoid is one who is on the rebound. When a man hasn’t healed from a bad break-up of a past relationship, you can bet you’ll never be able to measure up. He will constantly be comparing you with her. He is also likely to be so on-guard of his heart, you’ll never have it all. Or, he’ll move too fast and leave your head spinning.

Don’t fall for a smooth-talking man

Mr. Smooth is usually hiding something. Things that go too perfectly are rarely all their cracked up to be. It’s not unusual for women to look back after finding out they were fooled by a man and note that he was way too smooth talking. These type of men know just what to say and when to say it because they’ve had way too much practice.

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Beware of lover boy

When a guy tells you he loves you before he even knows you, you can be sure he’s very insecure and grasping for any relationship to make him feel better about himself, or…he is saying what he thinks all girls want to hear. Either way…it’s best to leave lover boys in the dust.
While good relationships are wonderful, bad ones can destroy your self-esteem and waste your time. If you find yourself falling for Mr. Wrong, time after time, take some time to reflect on what kind of man you are attracting and avoid the 5 types above like the plague.

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