5 Signs Your Partner will Cheat Again

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5 Signs Your Partner Will Cheat Again

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Once a cheater, always a cheater? Or…not? If you’ve been cheated on and your partner is crawling back to you, you have a very important decision to make. As you rack your brain to decide “yay” or “nay”, here are 5 signs that your partner will cheat again:

Shifting Blame

When his or her cheating was brought to light, did he try to make you the reason the bad behavior took place? In his mind, did you not pay enough attention to your partner or some other lame accusation? If so, you can bet you will fall short of his or her expectations in the future. You are only human and you can bet your partner’s expectations will always be unreal and unattainable. Get out while the getting is good!

Changing the Subject

When trying to work through the subject of your partner’s cheating, does he or she turn the subject to something else? If your significant other is trying to avoid the act of talking it out, chances are good he or she is not willing to really resolve the reasons or excuses behind the behavior. Be sure you are not guilty of hashing and rehashing. But, if you are not and are just trying to get initial closure, you should beware. Your partner will probably cheat again.

Flirting (and not with you!)

Flirting is an outward expression of an inward emotion. If your partner is seeking attention or affection with someone other than you, this should be a big bright red flag. Run, don’t walk, away. Your partner will no doubt act on his or her flirty ways in due time.

Giving You Too Little Attention

Do you feel ignored? If your partner is not paying attention to you or giving you affection, it is apparent that he or she is not capable of being faithful. Your partner should be attending to your needs as well as his or her own. If that’s not happening and you are feeling neglected, chances are…you are right. Your partner will most likely give someone else the attention, just like before.

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This is the biggie. Has your partner come clean about the cheating? Has he or she made a sincere apology and amends? Or, has he or she been dishonest about the episode? Do you feel he or she is communicating with you in full honesty…or saying what you want to hear? Honesty is everything in a relationship. If you don’t have that now, you’ll have big trouble later. Your partner is bound to cheat again. And, why not? He or she can just lie about it and then…it never happened. But, we know that’s not how reality works. Guard your heart and never settle for anyone who is less than honest.

Although it is heartbreaking to have your partner cheat on you once, it’s even worse for it to happen twice. Keep the five signs in mind and evaluate your relationship. The good news is that YOU are in charge this time.


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