5 Signs Your Partner Wants to Break Up

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5 Signs Your Partner Wants to Break Up

We all know that feeling of uncertainty.  You feel your partner is unhappy within your relationship and wants to break up.  It’s like knowing a storm is about to hit.  But are you imagining things?  Or, should you brace for the worst?

Here are 5 signs your partner wants to break up:


Initially, most couples are so wrapped up in each other, they can’t see straight.  They feel the other can do no wrong.  Then, the veil begins to lift off their eyes and they see their partner has flaws…lots of them.  What happens past that point will usually determine if a relationship is meant to be…or not.  If your significant other is not showing much interest in you, chances are good his or her interest is elsewhere.  Perhaps he or she hasn’t found anyone else yet, but they may be imagining, or looking.  Disinterest is never a good sign.  You can try to become a little more interesting, but all in all, if you aren’t interesting enough for him or her, you might as well be the first to say “good-bye” and get it over with.


Not respecting your partner is a sign that you are not into the person or the relationship.  Some people are not mature and selfless enough to respect others and therefore, are not mature enough to be in a relationship.  If you are being disrespected in any form or fashion, the time might be right to high-tail it out of there before you are the one left behind.


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Is your partner showing signs of depression?  Sometimes, staying in a stagnant relationship, or one you are not happy with causes depression to set in.  Remember, you cannot make anyone else happy.  It is not your job even if you had that power.  If you are noticing your partner’s happiness slip away and depressing seeping in, that is a clear sign that either the two of you need to pull together and find answers, or that it is time to part ways.


If you are doubting that your significant other is “into” you, something is obviously wrong.  Unless you’re just being paranoid and insecure, your needs are obviously not being met.  People begin to pull away when they are unhappy in a relationship and want to break up.  If you are doubting your partner is mutually into the relationship, he or she probably isn’t.


Some people find it hard to let go.  Perhaps they are afraid of hurting the other person because they truly care for them, or, they may want to hold onto the failing relationship just for security.  Whatever the case may be, if your partner is not being honest and is being deceitful, that is a sure sign there’s trouble on the horizon.

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Break-ups aren’t easy.  If your partner is wanting to break up with you, it can cause you to be sad, angry, hurt, or even depressed.  What’s worse than a break-up though is when two people go through the motion of having a relationship, but the true substance of one isn’t there at all.  Do yourself a favor and don’t allow the inevitable to be drug out at your expense.  Take the bull by the horn, find out if your partner is or isn’t into making the relationship work, and know that it’s your rodeo, no matter what.

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