5 Signs that Show You Need a Relationship

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5 Signs that Show You Need a Relationship

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All you need is love, they say. If you are thinking about getting into a relationship, it’s a good idea to find out if you are ready for one…or not. Here are 5 signs that show you need one:

I’m OK. You’re OK

You have mastered the art of being alone. Those who aren’t able to spend any time by themselves are considered dependent because they are dependent on the company of one or more person to feel alright about themselves. If you aren’t alright with yourself, you will always be seeking ways to find your self-worth through others. You’ll either smother your partner, be too needy for approval and assurance, or will end up pushing your partner away because you feel you are not worthy of their love.


You never know if your next partner will be THE ONE…or not. If you are not ready to settle down or can’t even entertain the fact that you may meet THE ONE, you may not want to venture into a relationship. Someone is sure to get hurt because life is give and take. But, if you are ready to find that special person, should the opportunity present itself, dive in. You may fall deeply in the sea of love.


Have you experienced enough of the single life? Have you played the field until you are tired of the game? Have you accomplished things that require you to devote only the kind of time singles have, like spending 24/7 getting through college or founding a business? If you have experienced the single life long enough and are ready to devote your time to one person, that’s a great indication you are ready for a relationship.

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Being in a relationship requires a good bit of selflessness. That’s not to say you don’t give time and attention to yourself, but that you are willing and able to look beyond yourself to the wants and needs of someone else. Can you compromise or give in when conflict comes? Are you mature enough to look beyond your own opinions to at least consider those of someone else? If you feel you have the ability to look beyond your own self to include the hopes, dreams, opinions, wants, needs, and feelings of another, you are ready to take on a relationship.


Are you ready to put yourself out there? Can your heart stand risking it all or would you crumble? If you are strong enough to remain standing if things don’t work out, that’s a good sign you’re in good enough shape to jump on in. Nothing is every guaranteed in a relationship. But, if you are ready to take a chance on love, chances are you’ll find it.
With these 6 things in mind, if you feel that you are ready to pursue love, best of luck. Relationships can be difficult nothing worthwhile is easy.

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