5 Signs She Wants You to Make a Move on Her

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5 Signs She Wants You to Make a Move on Her

The more you think about it, the more uncertain you become. On one hand, you are pretty sure she’s into you. Then again, are you reading her all wrong?  Wonder no more! Know the truth. Here are 5 foolproof signs she wants you to make a move on her to take the relationship to the next level:

Time is On Your Side

Is she wanting to spend time with you? If you aren’t sure, you’d better ask her. When you are interested in someone, you want to spend time getting to know them. When you begin to get to know them, if you find you are liking what you see in them, you want to spend even more time together. If she is willing and wanting to hang out with you, it’s a good sign she wants you to make a move.

Soaking up the Sunshine

When the two of you are together, does she hang on your every word, or at least seem interested in what you are saying? Does she pay attention to what you are doing, what you are wearing, and what you are thinking? If so, she’s basking in your sunshine. Radiate some heat.

Living in the Shadows

Most humans want all the glory for themselves. It’s just a natural, selfish trait. But, when someone is willing to be in your shadows and to let you be the in the spotlight, that indicates they care for you, unselfishly. If she’s giving you attention and doesn’t mind taking a backseat to you, make your move.

Warts and All

When she begins to get to know the real you and likes you anyway, you’re in luck. Infatuation is usually the first type of attraction people experience when they are interested in one another. As the relationship moves forward, it either makes or breaks as you get further acquainted, warts and all. If she’s seen your “not so pretty side”, like a temper tantrum, being low on finances, or any other aspect of your life that’s not at all perfect and she’s still interested, it’s time to bust a move.

Hint, Hint!

If you’ve noted that one or more of the above indications are true, she is probably giving you hints. Based on her personality, the hints may be outright and blatant, or so subtle you haven’t even gotten them yet. Pay attention. The advancement of your relationship may depend on how (or if) you uncover the hints.

Making the move on her can entail different things. If the light is green and you’ve not asked her out yet, what are you waiting on? In the event that the two of you are going out, if the signs are there, it’s time to take it to the next level – emotionally, physically, and maybe even spiritually. The main thing is that you read her right. The five signs above will give you a sense of direction as to whether to move forward…or stop dead in your tracks.


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